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The story

There is quite a story behind Peter D. Harper and Joachim Griebe:
Many years ago Joachim was visiting a club in Berlin called Quasimodo.  During the band's intermission they play the CD of an artist that he is  not familiar with.
He asks about him and finds out that it is a CD by Peter D. Harper from  Australia, who had performed at the club a couple of days prior.
Joachim spontaneously tries to get in touch with Peter... more than 16  years ago that meant homing pigeons had just become obsolete.
They decide to meet and Joachim invites Peter to come to Hamburg to  visit him and his wife at the time for three days. Although not planned  the first collaborative songs take shape.
At another visit in 2002, Peter and Joachim record 9 recently composed  songs.
BSC Musik is handling the promotional aspect and 'Mr. Jones' goes on an  almost daily rotation on Munich radio stations . A tour is in the making.
But then - caused by a tragic misunderstanding - Peter and Joachim part  ways for the next 16 years.
Peter and his wife Bobbi move from Australia to the USA, Peter has been  signed by a record company and it seems like they can participate no  longer in the 'Harper & Griebe' project.
... Disappointment... lack of communication... by Achim... 16 years pass.
2018 .At the spur of the moment following a gut feeling, Achim finally writes  to Peter.
A speedy reply says: 'Hey, I am performing in Germany 3 weeks from now  at the Grolsch Blues festival'.
Remarkable, as he had not played a gig in Germany in many years.
- Apparently invisible connections DO exist between people -
They arrange for a meeting at the festival - at the hotel after all  these years, Peter and Achim meet face to face.
Peter looks at Achim and says: 'I'm so tired', gales of laughter, it was  their running gag 16 years ago - and suddenly the magical connection is  back.
They discuss their misunderstandings and spend a great weekend together.  (photo in the comment section)
After 16 years the 'Harper & Griebe' project starts anew. Achim and  Peter are still composing new songs, a tour is in the making

...it's about to get exciting.

Harburg 2002
Hamburg 2002
Peter & Achim , Hotel - Grolsch Blues Festival 19.05.2018
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